Sunday, 31 May 2009

Off duty

A thermos and a good book - what more could you want at lunchtime?


  1. I find this most interesting...the man on the right is obviously engrossed in the book and ignoring the man on the left who is looking like he wouldn't mind a little conversation.

    I wonder if they work together and have nothing left to say to each other.

  2. I don't sympathize with your blokes resting at lunch amid the scatter leaves. Looks like some kind of maple tree. Anyway we will take on summer up here and enjoy it very much. And in fact we are just right and can have the windows wide open and the air conditioning turned off.

    OOhh...thanks for stopping at my Brookville Blog and commenting about calligraphy and things monks did in dark, damp, cold, cells.

    Patty and I ran a business for a decade or more and we sold handwriting and calligraphy supplies to scribes and calligraphers around the world and we published both newsletters and slick magazines featuring some of the best scribes in the world. Those were the days when we could make $100,000 almost every year in profit. Gone like the goosed goose forever.

    I don't know how young you are but you might remember when people lived and died at home and endured wakes.

  3. I think Jacob may be right about the guy on the left who wouldn't mind a little conversation. I love how pictures really do tell stories.