Saturday, 30 May 2009

Belmore Park

First, sorry I haven't responded to comments of visited other city daily photo blogs lately. There's seveal reasons, including beign extremely busy at work which means long days, and having to attend to "real life" at home, and I have been away from home on work-related matters several times, thus I upload a week of photos on the weekend to publish automatically.

Sydney is really a city of evergreens, though there are stands of deciduous trees in parks and street plantings. This autumn scene is in Belmore Park opposite Central Railway. YOu can see the sandstone facade of the station through the trees.


  1. I love the daily photo community where you see autum in full swing on one site and spring in bloom on another. It makes the world seem so much smaller.

  2. Goodness it really is autumn down under. How lovely this place is.