Sunday, 10 May 2009

Breakfast Point Village Green

For information about Breakfast Creek, see the post from two days ago. Cricket is a summer game, but there are those fanatics, my son amongst them who play in a "winter cricket" competition on Sundays. The private Breakfast Point wicket is not amongst the venues.


  1. This development is not exactly teaming with people, is it? I can just see the apoplexy of the Secretary if any outsiders applied to hold regular footy games on their "village green". With all these additional facilities, I can only boggle at the amount required per quarter to help for it all!

  2. Your words about this, the other day are spot-on, lol, and its combining 'aspirations' from both the US and Midsomer!

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  4. Looks like some kind of film set. If they made an up to date version of the Prisoner, this would make an ideal "village" for Number 6 to turn up in.

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