Sunday, 20 July 2008


Despite being a practising curmudgeon and confirmed heathen, I thought I'd wander over to the Darling Harbour Exhibition Centre and check out the Catholic Youth Day vocational expo and see if there was anything there to be learned. I found out from one stall that :

I'm pretty sure that this myriad of exhibitors and representatives of every branch of Catholicism you could imagine, are hoping that some will heed the call.

Not all exhibitors had entirely smooth sailing, however, if this newspaper report is anything to go by:

Accused priest had job at stall
by Dylan Welch and Jane Gibson
Sydney Morning Herald
July 19-20 2008

"A Catholic priest who allegedly took photographs of naked schoolboys when he was a Brisbane high school teacher more than two decades ago has been caught working for World Youth Day.

The priest was accused by three of his pupils at Villanova College of taking the photographs of them 25 years ago. Last night the Seven Network reported that the priest had been working at an Augustinian stall at the youth day's vocational expo, setting up an audio-visual display. Organisers said they did not perform background checks on everyone working at the event, and were not aware of the priest's background.

Members of the Augustinian order said they had kept the priest under close supervision during his time at the stall. Once his background became public, he was removed."


  1. Hmmmmh.

    This, sadly will never go away.

    There is a link to click on, under the photo.

  2. Ditto. Good for you for putting this on your blog Sally. It's hard not to think of the grimy side of organised religion particularly when Jesus lived so simply without glamorous robes and spectacle. Still, being raised in the Christian faith, I am more comfortable with this event and I don't think anyone was killed in this particular stampede. At least, I hope not.

  3. Yes, there is a grimy side to many professions. But I prefer to rely on the justice system. No charges were ever laid as there was insufficient evidence. It does not mean that nothing occurred but we will never know for sure.

  4. Unfortunately I think this is a huge beatup by Channel 7 to get a news story during WYD celebrations. I went to Villanova, I know this priest, and I know the one student who has been revealed as making the complaint. I suspect another is Chris Reason, Channel 7 reporter of questionable ethics who never really liked the school, and friend of the guy named. This priest was cleared by police 4 years ago.

    Notice how no other channel or media have picked up this story.

  5. Good photos, Sally. Love that first one. Too true.

    I left a message/response for you on Menton DP by the way - today. And on your next visit to me, I'll swim with you in the Monte Carlo pool! Please.

  6. It's hard to believe that no background checks were carried out on workers, especially in this day & age with the Catholic Church's very sullied reputation. I would expect it to be mandatory.