Saturday, 26 July 2008

Shopping music II

I was just feeling so mellow with that piano music in DJs I went back for some more! And I didn't buy a handbag either. It's a beautiful piano, so today I show you more of it.


  1. How lovely to have the tickling of ivory to serenade your shopping experience.

    I hope the pianist is a long-term thing. I'll pop into DJs my next visit and sing along.

    have a great weekend sally dear :)

  2. Music to shop by. no handbags, but did you tip th epianist?

  3. No tips for the piano player - unless someone is busking in the street, when you might throw a few coins in a hat, that just wouldn't be done here. You never tip people in Australia other than in a restaurant for exceptional service (and not in cafes at that) . Neither pianist nor customer would know how to react in that eventuality!

  4. How lovely. I love piano music and would probably linger awhile. you've been posting for quite a long time. Will take me a while to go through your archives. I have a cyber friend in Sydney and would love to visit someday. I'll start with your blog!

  5. awww... my dad and I was shopping around at this DJ store where this sweet gentleman worked at. we stopped by to listen to his music, and he sweetly asked us if we would like to have any song played.
    oh how i missed sydney! I used to live in perth and sydney (: thanks for posting this... really brings back some of the sweet memories.