Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Sussex St 11.30 pm


  1. Great atmosphere here. Apart from the bare trees, it doesn't look like a winter shot at all. Very nice.

  2. No jetlag in your new profile shot !
    Perhaps coming back home is the killer.
    Looks like Sydney is asleep at 11:30 pm ?

  3. Love this shot. As Nathalie says, great atmosphere.

    and hey, are you at the Monte Carlo pool in your profile shot?

    And thanks for comment on Woolite. thank goodness I got the name right! Great the owner got in contact. Woolite is an Iron Man sheep!

  4. No jetlag effects WHEN I took it- in fact I had been out to a function. I was soooooo tired when I posted it next morning though(yes, jetlag, still - they say it takes about a week to get over it).

    It is the end of Sussex St near Cockle Bay, looking from the second storey of a carpark.

    Jilly - yes! That's MC.

  5. Hi there... it has been a while since I visited... I tell you that when I came back to Sydney after 5 years of being away - I could not get over how much it has changed... little coffee shops everywhere... part of me liked it but part didn't... sometimes I wish the little corner milkbars where back... the last time I saw one was in Surrey Hills in the early 90's... it was great... though am sure it is gone by now... love the photos as usual...