Saturday, 29 March 2008

Wall tile mural, East Sydney

The St Vincent de Paul Society's building in Yurong St Darlinghurst has walls decorated with these beautiful painted tiles. These are on the outside of the building and are totally graffiti-free.


  1. beautiful & cute :)
    i saw in bali something like this.

  2. How charming and bright! Was the wall designed by children or by an adult? It makes me think of an area in Chicago's O'Hare airport with a series of murals done by the city's children, which is quite lovely.

  3. How absolutely fabulous!

  4. hello Sally
    I wanted to say to you that your blog is known almost in the world.
    It makes the last page of the weekly newspaper of the country of Mée (the capital being Chateaubriant); in the category of the blogs to be visited

  5. How cute and absolutely delightful !

    I'm just back from bennie's in ADL and agree with you that everyone looks far too young these days.

    Are you well now?

    Are your travel plans going well?

  6. It's beautiful.
    All these colors are so joyful !!
    Congratulations for your success in Chateaubriant...
    Thank you for your visit in Marseille

  7. it's beautiful!
    it's amazing it is graffiti free as well ;-)

  8. these are beautiful and full of life!