Friday, 14 March 2008

The Art Gallery of NSW - outside

The equestrian sculpture, above is The Offerings of Peace, by Gilbery Bayes. Cast in London in 1923, and put in place in 1926. The inscription beneath reads 'The real and lasting victories / are those of peace and not of war.' Peace offers the Arts and Plenty. These are represented by Greek comic and tragic masks, a lyre and some fruits.

"The façade and old wing of the Gallery were built between 1896 and 1909. Architecturally, Sydney's Art Gallery reflects nineteenth century ideas about the cultural role of a gallery as a temple to art and civilizing values."

The inscription beneath The Offerings of War reads 'That our house may stand forever / and that justice and mercy grow.' War holds a staff topped by a figure of Winged Victory. He also holds a bundle of swords and broken spear shafts.

To find out about the bronze reliefs in the facade, and why there are only 4 of them, click here.


  1. There are lessons here but oh so hard to learn. Nice photographs.

  2. how sunny and blue the sky?
    I have the impression that Australia is just sunny and beautiful all the time. True?

  3. Oh how I adore this building. I took M.B there during our Christmas visit to Sydney. Love these photos, Sally.