Thursday, 13 March 2008

Art Express

The reason i called in to the Art Gallery of NSW the other day was for a look at the Art Express exhibition. This is a selection of some of the major art works submitted by NSW Higher School Certificate (the final school credential) students the year before. There's some amazingly talented young people in our community. I didn't pay $8 to look at the Archibalds - the images available on the web (link in yesterday's post) didn't inspire.

At the time the Archibald winner was announced I quietly thought it was a bit like an HSC major work, but I've revised that view. Some of the HSC major works are much better in my humble opinion. I enjoyed some of the video/anime, ceramics, photography and other media.

The young boys above were entranced by some of the video installations.

Below: Can You See Us by Courtney Maron Sexton from Lucas Heights Community School, and museum attendant

Check out some of the other works by great young Australians: Art Express

I also loved Treason of Words by Matilda Moylan-Blaikie; she represents visually how words and space appear to her as a person with a form of dyslexia/perception dysfunction. Beautiful. The web image doesn't convey it fully of course (maybe an argument against my Archibald statement above!) As well, I particularly liked Joe Toutai Alone's work , Harriet Ester Gordon-Anderson's Mother about her mother with chronic fatigue syndrome, Sothearoth Loeu's Untold Stories of tortured faces, Constantin Rongas's George's Cafe, Courtney Maron Sexton's Can You See Us, Emily Diana Sijibat's Untitled (the full work is so much more astounding than here).

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  1. Sally, this IS an incredible piece, and I'm sure as you say, it is even better in person. Very interesting about the artists perceptual differences. I like the way you set this shot up, too, with the fellow in the other gallery looking through. I also like seeing the guys watching all those screens.
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