Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Oxford St, Darlinghurst


  1. Rather an unusual twist of words. Hmmm! Wonder what it is meant to convey?

    PS. Sally would you please check my profile for my email address and send me yours because I have a personal message for you. Many thanks!

  2. Hummmm. . .let me guess. . .
    The Barrack Obama campaign headquarters in Sydney? No? Hmmmm. . .Well, I guess I'm done guessing then :-}. On Polk Street in San Francisco there was a liquor store named "Suckers' Lickers."

    Beautiful late summer/early autumn sunny day photo.
    Seattle Daily Photo

  3. KInd of erotic shop!!!!! Let us know what it is, I am very curious!. Thanks for visiting The Hague Daily.

  4. Oh wow, Sally, what a find!
    I wonder what sort of comments the sales clerks get!

    Sally may I use this space to relay an important message ?


    This morning I heard on the radio that Reporters Sans Frontières (Reporters Without Borders http://www.rsf.org/ ) is lauching today the first International Online Free Expression Day, a worldwide cyber demonstration against government censorship on the Internet.

    Why is it important? A total of 63 cyber-dissidents are currently in jail worldwide for using their right to free expression on the Internet. China continues to be the world’s biggest prison for online journalists and bloggers.

    You can help! To denounce government censorship of the Internet and to demand more online freedom, please come and protest: TODAY AND TODAY ONLY (from 12th March 11 am to 13th March 11 am Paris time) you can participate in the 24-hour online demonstration that will take place on Tien An Men square in Beijing and in one of the nine countries that have been identified as "enemies of the internet": China, Burma, Vietnam, North Korea, Egypt, Cuba, Erythrea, Tunisia and Turkmenistan . Just click on http://www.rsf.org/ and follow the prompts: you will chose an alias (your virtual character), a slogan for your banner and the city where you wish to demonstrate.

    We need huge numbers! The blogging community can make a difference. Please relay this appeal and take action.
    (please note you cannot take action before 11 a.m. Paris time, that's 45mns from now).

  5. It's just a standard liquor (lick her) shop (we call them 'bottle shops') in Sydney's gay heartland, Oxford St.