Sunday, 2 March 2008

Paramount Pictures

Now an upmarket restaurant, this art deco building from 1940 was the Sydney offices of Paramount. It wasn't a studio, but did have a screening room, and apparently luminaries like Bob Hope and Charlton Heston attended functions. I've been to the restaurant, Lo Studio (The Studio), and it's very good. Inside there's lovely woodwork and other deco features.


  1. Wow, Sally, I never knew this place existed! Thanks, and I just lurve art deco too.

  2. Is it still owned by Paramount? If not, I wonder why they let them use the name. Companies are so careful of their names being used by other businesses.

  3. Very interesting point, clueless! No it's not still owned by Paramount. Mayeb they have a licence deal? Maybe it will disappear and my photo will be th only record?

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  5. Looks a great building. I'll have to see it in person, the next time I pay a visit (whenever that'll be)to Sydney. I wonder what the restaurant looks like?

  6. Hmm maybe if I visit Sydney, let me try the food at Lo Studio too ;-)

  7. Paramount Studio turned restaurant, and good! What an improvement... ;)
    Loved to see the Newton murals and the incredible Free Art tree picture! The Victorian cottages are gorgeous, even if they are located at... Wollongong!
    Have a great week!

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  9. I was in that building many many times as the son of the manager of Paramount....