Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year!

From the front of my house....fireworks in the local park, one street over.


  1. Spectacular! Such good shots.

    Television just showed the fireworks over the harbour bridge. Absolutely brilliant.

    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones, Sally. So looking forward to seeing you and your family here in June.

  2. HaPpY nEw YeAr!!! Wishing you life's best this 2008!

    i heart manila

  3. happy New Year to you and your family!

    and much of friendship all around the web

  4. And without the noise! Happy New Year, dear Sally! Reading Jilly's comment, I learn you're coming in France in June? Great!

  5. The display at the bridge looked spectacular on our tv screens here.

    Very best wishes and a happy New Year to you too,

    from South Shields Daily Photo

  6. Nice fireworks!

    Happy New Year from Singapore!
    Happy Theme Day too!

  7. Happy New Year Sally, all the best to you and your family!!!
    Jazzy and Lilly

  8. Great shots.
    Youa re already in teh new year. We have few more hours of the old one.
    Happy New Year!!

  9. Happy new year.
    We have a lot to do to make a better world.

  10. Happy New Year to you and yours, dear Sally! Your fireworks make your night sky looks like it is full of stars and galaxies from deep space. How poetic!

  11. hey, happy new year.
    love the 3rd fireworks photo... it has 3 different motions captured.. brilliant.
    Mindless Mumbai
    oh and, don't worry about the kids riding the scooter, its parked :)

  12. I wish all the best for you and your family in 2008!
    (Now snow even now here!! The first time in my life.)

  13. Hi Sally,
    Happy New Year 2008!
    Wish you all the best!

  14. Sally, Enjoy your first trip of 2008. When you return be sure to visit the theme day blogs you will have missed. May 2008 bring you all good things. Great fireworks photos!!

  15. The only thing exploding at midnight here last night were what sounded like hairspray cans being thrown into the fire!!!

    Am watching the fireworks from Sydney on TV now - wow so spectacular - I really need to be in Sydney one NYE!!

  16. I wish to be there. That fireworks are the best in the whole world.

    a very Happy New Year Sally !!!!

  17. Hi, Sally!
    I would like take the opportunity to wish you an EXCELLENT and very happy 2008.
    Your wonderful blog has brought Sydney to the attention of the (blogging) world.
    The quality of your photography and your descriptive talents are seldom exceeded by others and because of this, we are much indebted to you.
    2007 on SDP has been a huge lot of fun and information. I have loved many things you have brought to our attention; too many to enumerate. The other day, on the tram to Lilydale I saw your ANZAC bridge, about the most elegant bridge in all the word. Before I could get the words out, the gorgeous woman sitting next to me bellowed out, "#### there's Sally's Bridge !!!"

    Je souhaite que vous et votre famille, ayez la plus RIPPER nouvelle année.
    Merci infiniment, chère Sally.

  18. Fantastic photos! I can't seem to capture fireworks with my compact.

    Happy 2008, Sally! If you want to learn how to say Happy New Year in many 90+ different languages, go to my blog The Goddess In You.

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo. I look forward to visiting your blog more often this year.

    Your Love Coach
    The Goddess In You
    Norwich Daily Photo

  19. Best wishes for 2008 Sally! Hope to see lots more spectacular shots of Sydney!

  20. Lovely shots. Must be great to have a good camera to say nothing of the you as photographer. Glad you did the Bookshop near the Town Hall, it will be one to see now that I've yeard of it. All the best in 2008.

  21. Hello Sydney from Lisbon!!!!
    The bridge in my blog was designed by the same person as San Francisco Bridge, that's why they are so similar!!!!
    Have a Great New Year!!!

  22. Wow, great shots. I am impressed. They mentioned your fireworks on the French TV as your city was the first to leave 2007 and enter 2008 :-)

    Happy New Year to you!

  23. Oh my... I was on the Harbour itself in one of the Captain Cook Cruise boats watching the fireworks in Darling Harbour... I am a 'misplaced' Aussie over here in Florida, USA but was in OZ in Jan of this year... so great to be home and I have enjoyed looking at your site... makes me feel like I at home again... I will drop by again... take care