Monday, 14 January 2008

MacCallum Pool, Cremorne

A free pool on Sydney Harbour at Cremorne. It started out as a rock pool, built of local rocks, and started by an early Olympic swimmer, Fred Lane, who lived nearby. It then got taken on by Hugh MacCallum, a highly regarded local resident. In 1930 it was taken over by North Sydney Council, and renamed the Hugh J MacCallum Pool (later shortened to MacCallum Poool) . It is still maintained by North Sydney Council. It needs to be emptied, refilled and cleaned about once a week.

Not a bad view:
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  1. Do people use this pool. What a great view it has!

  2. Have you ever swam in this pool? Is it filled with salt or fresh water?

    It makes me want to take a dip! Nice picture.

  3. Well done Halcyon, exactly my question and aren't there water restrictions there?

  4. To answer your questions:

    1. Yes, people use the pool, especially locals who live nearby. all Sydney's pools - harbour, ocean and more traditional pools are used regularly.

    2. No, I have not swum here. It is quite far from my home, and has no changing area. It was about 8pm when I was there.

    3. It is filled from the harbour, so that is salt water.

    4. Water restrictionsfor things like washing cars, watering gardens, and some on filling domestic swimming pools, yes, but they don't affect public pools like this, especially given the source of the water!

  5. Must be massively expensive to keep up for North Sydney Council. What does it cost to enter?

  6. for you who likes the swimming pools; a swimming pool at the edge of water it is the dream

  7. Julie - it's free. That's fairly usual for rock pools and pools like this.

  8. Nice pool. I thought I WAS on your swimming pool blog, Sally. Fabulous view.

  9. Great looking pool. How does is get cleaned and sanitized?

    Is it safe for swimming in with all the health scares we have in public pools nowadays?