Sunday, 6 January 2008

Facing the waves

There's a low pressure system off Queensland at the moment - not is cyclone season in the north. It is delivering flooding rains to southern Queensland and northern NSW, and huge seas down the NSW coast. Yesterday most of Sydney's beaches were "closed". This means that the lifesaving patrols do not put out the "swim between the flags" flags and advise people not to swim, because it is too dangerous.

Here on the coast south of Sydney, the seas are a bit higher than usual, but we're not having anything like further north, or the rain either. Just a succession of beautiful sunny days.

That's my son second from the left.

The best way to get through a wave is to dive under it. Waiting to dive: Or maybe you might prefer to just throw yourself into it after it's broken!

Whatever you decide, remember - have fun!

Here's a picture from the newspaper showing seas off Sydney. Waves have been up to 3 metres.


  1. Is Queensland still suffering from a drought? Will this help?

  2. Looks beautiful and summery. Love to see scenes like this (yes, I'm jealous) during winter in the northern hemisphere.

  3. What fabulous photos. Makes me want to run right in.