Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Heritage, Cremorne

Love the evening sun on this building....it brings out the honey tones of the Sydney sandstone. What on earth possessed the council to approve the red brick carbuncle two doors down (see below)? It looks like a "heritage item" of the 1960s. These places have views over the harbour towards the Opera House and Bridge. I'll show that tomorow. They face the public reserve where you find the MacCallum Pool featured yesterday.


  1. It is beautiful, especially with all that sun. Not that I am jealous....much.

  2. What a lovely building! I really appreciate the older architecture...so much nicer than modern. IMHO anyway!


    Guelph Daily Photo, Pat's Photo-a-Day

  3. Looks like a great place to live. I have never been Down Under but I'm sure that I will go there some day and I can easily see myself living here...

  4. Bring your money with you, steffe!

  5. beautiful houses. i'm guessing these are prime real estate?
    - Mindless Mumbai