Friday, 11 January 2008

Those mangroves again!

Yesterday when I drove past, not only was the sun out, and the Great Dividing Range visible in the background, the mangroves were up to their knees in the water - high tide. That tree next to them is a casuarina. The name casuarina is derived from the Malay “Kasuari” or “Cassowary” which refers to the likeness of the plant's thin drooping stems and leaves to the feathers of the bird.


  1. Mangroves are becoming a theme.....but there are worse things in life. The weather looks fabulous!

  2. thanks for the mangrove with water

  3. Hi Sally,
    IT's been pure delight to catch up with your latest bunch of photos. Enjoyed the slip, slap, slop post (and hearing about rashies again, oooooh so aussie!)
    Enjoy the holidays!


    Happy new year from Barcelona !!!!