Sunday, 10 June 2007


Yesterday when I "tuned in" to the City Daily Photo Blog portal, I saw this photo from Kate in St Paul. I realised I had a very similar photo in my collection, and posted it to Sydney Daily Photo Extras.

Then I saw Brian's New York City Bleeker Tower shot, and couldn't help but be struck by the similarity between it and this photo I took in Hay St, Sydney.

Which reminded me that widely-adopted trends are not just a phenomenon of recent globalisation. It isn't just modernist architecture which swept the world after WW2, or curtain-walling/glass architecture resulted in look-alike skyscrapers after the 1960s.


  1. Sally, you have a great eye and are an observant blogger!! The detail on this building is quite fascinating and beautiful. PS. Thanks for your recent comnments re. my family situation. It's appreciated!

  2. Good morning Sally and thank you for your comment!
    I was looking at your autumn posts and it`s again nice to think this old big earthe and people living
    on it so in different seasons, different places and different buildings. And it makes good to think
    all it - thoughts fly.

  3. It's true that you'll find widely-adopted trends and similarities everywhere many years before the recent globalization; some even say that it all started in the early 15th century when some guys started travelling around the world...

  4. What a great idea to link your photo to Brian's - the architecture is indeed very similar!
    Nothing equivalent in Paris or in France though, so I would say this style was definitely confined to the English-speaking world...

    Spent the day exploring my neighbourhood on my bike to assess the amount of damage done by the storms. Large areas are still flooded, and/or without power, but people seemed generally good humoured about it.

  5. A nice shot of a stately old building. Nice shot Sally.

  6. Great contrast Sally! I love Sydney!

  7. On first glace it really look like some building in NY.
    Great photo. Unfortunately we don't have so high buildings here.
    But we love our city. ;)))

  8. Beautiful contrast between the old and the new building! Great photo!