Thursday, 21 June 2007

Cast iron drinking fountain

Canopy of a cast iron drinking fountain (1883) in Macquarie Place. It reminds me of one of the Wallace fountains in Paris.

Click on the link for an interactive panorama of Macquarie Place by Peter Murphy. You can see the obelisk (Monday's post), cannon and anchor (Tuesday's post) and drinking fountain all in relation to each other.


  1. YE GADS Sally! That panoramic thing is fantasic!! How is it done??

  2. Lovely fountain. Doesn't look much Sydney to me, but it's great...

  3. I do love Macquarie Place. Has a real historical feel to it. That wonderful panorama is by Peter Murphy and you can visit his site here and view lots of different interactive panoramas of Sydney events.

  4. Oh thanks Paul....I will put an acknowledgement on the outside.

    Peter Murphy....relative???

  5. No relation Sally. Just another photographer with the old Norse name for sea wolf.

  6. Sally, I forgot to mention that there is some historical information on this fountain
    which is quite interesting. I photographed this fountain myself back in December last year.

  7. Wonderful old work in that fountain. Love the link too!

    We have a guest's photo in the Guelph blog today!

    My PAD and
    Guelph Daily Photo

  8. elle est superbe cette fontaine, une vraie oeuvre d'art. (merci pour la lien panoramique, extra)

    it is superb this fountain, a true work of art. (thank you for the panoramic, extra bond)

  9. Thank you for such a marvellous photo and the link.
    Quite unbelievable, the panorama, and another place on my list of must-see, next time in Sydney. Ripper!

  10. this is mad.. but after reading about drinking fountains, i feel thirsty.

    i am getting a glass of water after submitting this comment. hehe...

    hmmmm wonder if the water taste good? I like tap water from Melbourne the best. Adelaide's a tad salty!

    I forgot how Sydney's taste. haha...

  11. What a find this is. So beautiful. And thanks for Peter Murphy's panorama - that really puts everything in its place for us. Beautiful area that I now remember from when I lived in Oz. Don't remember this wonderful fountain tho. Stunning.