Friday, 23 June 2006

Two men, an important announcement

Today I was wandering along Martin Place in the city when I came upon a smallish media pack and these two blokes getting quite excited about a joint annoucement they had to make.

No, they weren't challenging the Howard government's legislated ban on gay marriage.

Given they are the Premiers of New South Wales, Morris Iemma (left) and South Australia, Mike Rann (right), you might be forgiven for thinking it could possibly be some project of major significance like, ooooh, restoring the health of the Murray-Darling River system, joining forces to oppose the Howard government's regressive educational policies . . ., but no.

These two elected representatives are telling us that NSW and SA are "leading the bid" to host the 2018 World Cup.

Morris, I'd like you first to put back the money into public schools and public hospitals that was ripped out to pay for the 2000 Olympics, thanks very much.

There are a couple more photos at Sydney Daily Photo Extra.


  1. hahah..first i really thought its about gay marriages. Well, I have no in-depth knowlegde of what has happened, but from the surface, I have to agree w/ you

  2. Yes, the olympics is a waste of money. Here in the UK, our taxes are having to pay for the 2012 one in London. Its better if the money was spent on things that everybody would use like better hospitals, than something that will only be used the once & then become a white elephant.

  3. haha, great post.
    must admit they don't really ring a bell but i get the general feeling from your post