Wednesday, 14 June 2006

Free BBQs

Most parks in Australia have free barbecues, water and picnic tables. So if you come to visit, you can save lots of money cooking your meals along the way. On weekends and public holidays they become crowded with picknicking locals, so get there early!


  1. Most parks and most camp sites too! And for French people, it's amazing to see every one cleaning and having regard for it...In France, when something is share in a public space, very often it is stolen or damaged.

  2. Shared, sorry (writing in English is soo hard for me...)

  3. alice - believe me, your English approaches perfection compared to my French!

    Yes, campsites too. What I like about BBQs in parks is that you don't have to be the "camping type" - you can be staying in hostels or hotels and buy a few suasages and some salad at a supermarket and then cook your own lunch.

    What we do lack, though, is those neat 4 - packs of red wine you can get in French supermarkets, which add a certain je ne sais qua to a baguette, cheese and salami picnic ;-)