Wednesday, 21 June 2006

Sydney Airport

Today I went to Hobart and back for the funeral of a very dear colleague. This is a photo of the International teminal at Sydney Airport, taken from atop a rocky cutting on the Princes Highway, looking over the Cooks River.

Despite what some people think, flights to The Apple Isle (Tasmania) do not leave from this terminal - Tasmania is a state of Australia and flights are domestic! (On a certain travel site I frequent, there are often requests for help from people announcing they are going to visit "Australia and Tasmania")


  1. Sorry for your sorrow. For many Europeans, Tasmania is full of mystery and really enigmatic!

  2. Oh, yes, alice it is.

    It is so different to the mainland. I was bowled over by the vegetation especially; around the Cradle Mountain area there are so many trees and other plants that you won't see anywhere else in the world, even the mainland!

  3. As a Tasmanian, may I say I'm glad to hear that a mainlander realizes that Tasmania is part of the nation of Australia. We get so sick of being left off the map!