Wednesday, 7 June 2006

After the rain

It rained pretty solidly for two days here in Sydney. This morning when I left for work I saw a beautiful shaft of sun beaming through the foliage on the shrubs at the front of my house, making them glisten.

After years of drought, we need much more rain - it would help if more fell in the dam catchments, but longer term it would help even more if there were schemes to harvest Sydney's rainfall runoff, which all ends up running out to see via the stormwater drains.


  1. Sally, first, please, be indulgent with my weak english...I'm very happy to visit your blog from France. Two years ago, we rent a camper van and spent three weeks "on the road" from Sydney to Cairns, and I keep the best memory of Sydney. G'day!

  2. G'day, Alice! Glad you had a great time - I have had a wonderfult time in France when I have been there too!

    And thanks for taking the time to comment.