Sunday, 22 March 2009

Wonderment at Malabar

Plenty of interest to keep this young snorkeller interested.


  1. Am loving these Malabar photographs. Yesterday's steps down were fascinating and this young man looks to be having a great time.

  2. oh Sally it's hart warming to look trough your lovely photos, i need sunshine after all this gloomy weather.

  3. If only we could retain our child-like curiosity throughout adulthood. This is a classic photo of the wonderment of childhood. Great snap!

  4. Sally, this so takes me back to summers overseeing children as a lifeguard, and of being a child myself. We lived in the water all summer long, and our folks made us wear t-shirts just like this boy so we didn't get burned.

    I was shocked to learn about the revitalization of Malabar's waters and that there is still partially treated waste being delivered further out. Little by little we humans are learning to clean up our messes and prevent others. I'm sure Sydney will find its way and keep seeking solutions.
    Glad you can enjoy this lovely resource.

  5. What a great lagoon for snorkeling. Clever lads - resting on buggie boards.