Thursday, 26 March 2009


Frangipani (Plumeria rubra) are one of my favourite flowers. When my mum married my dad in December 1955, Mum carried a bouquet of frangipani. Whenever I pass a frangipani tree in bloom I think of this photo.

Fortunately Sydney has an abundance of them. Being a native of the tropics and subtropics of Central America, Mexico and Venezuela, I am not sure that they were as common in Melbourne when Mum and Dad were married. They hate frosts, which Melbourne gets its fair share of in winter.

The old Post Master's residence attached to the Post Office at Arncliffe is now a real estate agent's office. This gorgeous frangipani is growing in the front yard. It is quite young, but growing beautifully. I usually stop to admire it when I go to the Post Office.
In the southern hemisphere frangipani bloom from November to May.


  1. What a sweet old photo! I also love that flower. I've never seen one. Beautiful!

  2. The photo is marvellous - they both look so lovely and so happy esp. the smile on your dad's face - it's wonderful.
    I like the name frangipani - we just call them plumerias. They do grow here if given lots of care.
    I linked you on my Wednesday's post - come by when you have a chance.

  3. What a beautiful wedding photo! Your mum looks lovely. And I love the frangipanni flowers. I didn't know that's what those are called.

  4. It must be a family thing. My favourite too, and in season I get to see AND smell a great one everyday in the front garden of my apartment block. I collect the flowers as they fall and float them in water to experience the fragrance inside. When it's resembling a stick tree, without leaves or flowers I look forward to it coming back to life. They bruise with the slightest touch, so Mum did a great job getting this far, after the ceremony, without any visible damage.
    Nola, the other daughter.

  5. Apparently you are fond of flowers. I'm a fan of flowers. Nature is looking at us, we should look at them. Greetings.