Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Fully Renaveted

Oh dear! This sign writer, or the real estate agent, need to run their text through a spell checker!
If you look carefully, someone (not me) has replaced the "a" with an "o" and the first "e" with an "a".
Perhaps Oprah is busy on the television talking about educational disadvantage or the needs of non-English speakers and preparing to sponsor some philanthropic remedial spelling lessons for those in jobs where good spelling would seem to be a prerequisite?


  1. One of my pet hates; is it because people are in such a rush, don't care or don't really know? Is it the teacher in me coming out?

  2. Perhaps its US English- since they like to alter the correct spelling of words!

    Here I get some laughs looking at "English" words on T-shirts produced in China/Thailand.

    If only the wearer knew what it said!

  3. I take offense to that Mike! Most of us know how to spell here in the US, we just don't like putting in extra U's where they are not needed. :-)

    This is something I would expect to see in Mississippi - but not in cosmopolitan Sydney.

  4. Its funny .. here this happens a lot especially on menus .. when the owners are not American or their English is weak .. the menu often has inadvertent humor ..

  5. Too funny! Either laziness or some people just can't spell.