Saturday, 2 August 2008

Where was Barbie?

I came across Headless Barbie stuck in the metal shutter-gate of the old Children's Court building in Surry Hills. You can see her stepping out from the left of the portico metal shutters. The building now houses the offices of several social welfare agencies. I thought it was rather poignant. Perhaps someone was making a statement?


  1. hmmm sure does seem like it. good observation..

  2. Where is the head I wonder.

  3. I would prefer to think it was not done on purpose...
    because like you,I find it very sad, if it was..

  4. Here's another take on it: A child dropped it and someone found it and stuck it in there to make it noticeable should someone come back looking for it. A similar thing happened to a cardigan of mine that I dropped at a bus stop. I wouldn't have noticed it otherwise.

  5. Nice story is behind these photos. I like to agree with z

    There is a national organization, "Komite Emdad (Helping Committee)", who is in charge of collecting and spending all the donations saved in those boxes. Poor families are the members of this organization and they recieve monthly salary, something like "well fare" in the US I think. This organization also helps poor couples to marry, poor students to continue their education, poor youth to start a job, and provides poor seniors an acceptable life with health insurance.

  6. lovely portico design. Some architect labored over the design, how it fits in snuggly within the brick.

    I especially love the old type.

    When I see older buildings like this, all I can think of is the dear architect slaving away over his drafting table.

    They should paint the underside of the ceiling a nice, pale, light blue color. It looks too stark, white.

  7. It took me a bit but I finally seen her.

  8. Ouch! The context gives the shot a whole new meaning. Children's court, broken families, broken doll...

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