Saturday, 23 August 2008

Afternoon sun

This bougainvillea blooms throughout a sunny winter, though the blossoms will become more abundant as we move towards spring and summer.


  1. Now there is a plant I'm very familiar with. It's used extensively in Phoenix. In fact, I have 5 in my back yard. One of which needs constant trimming to keep it from pouring over the a walk. Trimming is always a challenge because of the thorns.

  2. elles sont belles, cela fait très sauvage.

    they are beautiful, it is very wild.

  3. Hey, that looks like Southern California!

    I love this shot, Sally.

  4. I just love the color. How lucky you are to have these beauties in the winter!

  5. Very beautiful

    a colored winter

  6. So sunny. Beautiful flora that I am not at all familiar with.

  7. Looks like it's happy in its spot...seems to be running a bit wild.Ah, good luck to it...nothing wrong with a bit of 'running wild' methinks.

  8. Definitely the winter looks of the beast: all thorns and flowers but no leaves!

    I've been back to your SWIMMING blog: your research shows that having politics interfere with the Olympic Games is not a new thing:

    Quote from your blog:

    "1908 Olympic Games - London :
    Athletes marched as teams behind the flags of their nations for the first time. This momentous occasion turned into a political squabble when American flag-bearer Martin Sheridan refused to dip the US flag to King Edward because organisers had failed to fly the Stars and Stripes beside the flags of other competing nations in the main stadium. The Finnish athletes, upset at being under Russian rule, marched without a flag. The Irish also boycotted in protest of Great Britain failing to grant them independence."


  9. I do like a rampant bougainvillea but their thorns can be a smidge problematic!