Friday, 15 February 2008

Sydney Park


  1. nice park!

    the kids are enjoying themselves!

  2. Sally, was just looking at your photo montage of Wednesday again, and that wonderful picture of Peter Garrett in his 'sorry' shirt! That is one of those times I can remember exactly where I was etc etc, when that came on TV, at the Olympic Games.And, i nearly went ballistic in excitement, firstly coz the song was my favourite Oils songs ("Beds are Burning"), and secondly it was such a huge slap in the face for JW Howard in front of an enormous international audience! So much adrenalin was screaming round in my body. Thanks for rekindling that memory.

  3. Caba - I was wondering whether Garrett was reliving that moment as he sat on the front bench behind kevin Rudd on Wednesday!

  4. Hi Sally, I’m back after a short break… and glad to see that you keep posting some beautiful pictures. And though the winter here is fine (18º celsius and sunny), I envy your beach strolls!
    Missed your comments on my CowPArade at Blogtrotter. Now I'm posting on Sofia, Bulgaria! Interested?
    Have a great weekend!

  5. What a wonderful place to play! Love it!


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  6. Wow, what a park! I wonder all of you could take such a meaningful time for relaxing there!

    Tyo from Indonesia