Sunday, 10 February 2008

FC Holden

Any old car fans out there? (Old cars, not old fans!)
Produced by General Motors Holden, 1958-60. See more about them here. It is said that during 1959 the Holden FC commanded more than 50 percent of the Australian car market. This one is from Queensland, by the look of the number plate.


  1. Nice car (I'm a old car fan), and specially because of the two-tone painting.

  2. I don't know much about foreign cars. I do know the name General Motors and they are not doing very well up here. The name became famous for faulty automobiles. A case in point was their Corvair -- we owned the first one sold in Darke County, Ohio and I was in for service every single weekend for almost a solid year.

  3. I'm both (old and old cars' fan), lol and I've ever loved them. Talking about van my love goes to those Morris wood refined (traveller).