Thursday, 30 August 2007

St Peters Anglican Church, Campbelltown

A closer view of the church in the background of yesterday's photo.

St Peter’s Church is the oldest building in Campbelltown and the third oldest Anglican Church in Australia. It opened for worship on 29th June, 1823.

It was designed and supervised by Frank Lawless, a foreman bricklayer. He seems to have copied the style of the great convict architect Francis Greenway. The style is Georgian (1702-1830)

The pendulum clock was made by Johnsons in London in 1838 (and certainly wasn't shoing the correct time! I was there about 2.30pm)


  1. I like your photo and explanation. About the clock showing the wrong time. I think time is relative and only important if you have a dental appointment.

  2. Tell me, Sally, iris yesterday and blue sky both days: is spring coming?

  3. Was almost going to ask if it was a Greenway church yesterday.

  4. You must get a spring time soon, we have got autumn weather already.
    and I can see just now few yellow leaves in our birches behind the windows.
    So we go just around in the opposite order, perhaps we some day fall aboard :)
    Have a happy weekend!