Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Lunar eclipse

8:07 pm

8:46 pm

These photos are a bit lame, cos I don't have the right equipment. But I wanted to record the fact that tonight we witnessed a total eclipse of the moon.

Oh well, maybe watch Bonnie Tyler and a Total Eclipse of the Heart instead?


  1. j'adore les chansons de Bonnie Tyler, c'est une de mes chanteuses preferées.
    La lune, je pense que c'est le modele preferée des photographes ;o)

    I adore the songs of Bonnie Tyler, it is one of my preferred singers.
    The moon, I think that it is the model preferred of the photographers ;O)

  2. Me too!

    But I had to view it from the live webcast from Discovery Channel. haha...

    I viewed them from 2 live webcast. One from Springbrook Research Observatory (QLD) and the other from Southern Cross Observatory (TAS).

    The one from Talbot Observatory (VIC) was not streaming.

    Now I get to see one from NSW! Thanks Sally! :-)

    It's a wet wet day in Singapore with downcast skies, we could not see it from the skies here.