Friday, 17 August 2007

Plane spotting, Sydney Airport

Plane spotters are quite well catered for at the perimeter of Sydney Airport. You just have to walk across a beach and through some shrubs to get there.


  1. cela me fait penser aux vacances, cet avion qui s'envole, mais il faudra attendre octobre, c'est loin ;o)

    that makes me think of the holidays, this plane which flies away, but it will be necessary to wait until October, it is far ;O)

  2. And be sure to hold your ears closed...

  3. Does the sign say, no photographs?

    I have enjoyed your post today.

    Abraham Lincoln
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  4. Sally, sometimes your photos make me wonder if you have been stalking me all my life!! LOL!! This was one of my fave hangouts...can't remember which gate it is, but all us plane-spotters knew all the spots to go to for maximum adrenalin rush and blast of aviation fumes!Another reason i used to hang out down at the sewer pipes.

  5. Caba - this is from the viewing area off Kyeemagh beach - you get to it from General Holmes Drive.

    oldmanlincoln - no it doesn't say no photo - this is a fvourite hang-ut for photographers. It says Warning - Security restricted area - unauthorisd entry prohibited

  6. With all the threats from terrorism, I'm surprised that people are still allowed to stand so close to a runway.

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