Friday, 12 January 2007

Sydney in January is very slow

Back in Sydney, while many still are not. There's much less traffic on the roads, and business is pretty slow. I haven't ventured in to any sales yet, but they don't excite me very much anyway.
I love January - the long summer holidays, and the totally languid feel. February is a bit more fraught because everyone is back into the full swing of things at school and work, and Sydney usually experiences its most humid weather. There's also lots on around town in January - Sydney Festival events.


  1. i guess it's warm too? thats why everyone's too lazy to get out of their house :-)

  2. Sally, how cold does Sydney get during the winter months? Excuse my ignorance, but do you guys get snow?

  3. ming - no snow. The coldest month on average is July. Accordign to clmate charts, the average daily maximum is 16.2 deg (that's celsius of course), and the highest recorded max is 25.9. The mean daily min for July is 8.9; the lowest ever minimum is 2.7. That's for central Sydney. In the inland suburbs it can be quite a bit colder...and hotter (central Sydney's climate is modified by the ocean of course.) For example today's forecast is for 29 deg in the city and 40 deg in western suburbs.

    The Blue Mountains, a more elevated area west of Sydney - though calling them mountains is a stretch! It's actually a dissected uplifted plateau...might get a snow fall or two during wintert, but nothing that lasts longer than a day. And nothing deep.

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  5. Seems like a world upside down, having summer in January. Although, really, the weather in my area is so warm one might confuse it for Sydney.

  6. Annie's got a point. Soon our winters here will be as your summers are now. (Great series on the surfing lessons!)

  7. Well, Best Hotels person: I have to say how surprised (well shocked) and flattered I am that some one unknown to me has nominated my blog!

    Whoever you are, I'm grinnignm, and a bit overwhelmed.


  8. Thanks, Sally for the climate information. Sounds like you guys have a nice winter, cool but none of the messy snow. Snow is pretty when it falls but it becomes slushy mud or ice a day later. Eck!!