Sunday, 21 January 2007

Day Night Cricket at the Sydney Cricket Ground

My son, (who turned 13 today), left, and his friend trying to keep cool with a wet towel, in 40 degree heat at the cricket. We took lots of frozen water and sunscreen.

Mexican waves and bouncing huge inflatable beachballs amongst the crowd (and endeavouring to keep them off the field, otherwise they get confiscated) is all part of the cricket scene.

It was a close call, but Australia triumphed over New Zealand. It was a day / night match at the Sydney Cricket ground - started at 2.15 pm, sun set about 8.15, and the game continued under lights til about 10.15pm . The photo above was taken as the sun was setting and the lights taking over. (Panorama stitched together from 5 shots)


  1. nice shots specialy the panorama shot. i'm sorry but my favorite is new zealand :) :)

    everyday rotterdam

  2. What a crowd!
    Your son has your smile Sally :)
    Very cute!

  3. Lovely panorama shot Sally. I don't know how you all managed to sit out in that heat yesterday for so long. It was boiling.

  4. Great panorama shot, for those haven't realised click on the panorama to see it larger, well worth it.

    I was thinking of you as I sat at home in a/c comfort watching the game.

  5. Spending 8 hours seated on a hard bench by a temperature of 40 degrees watching a game that I don't understand can't possibly be my idea of fun but it must have been a fantastic day out for your son.
    Happy birthday to him and congratulations on your panorama shot!

  6. Happy birthday to your son! I think this game is definitely too elaborated for my little brain...

  7. Thasnks all; yes I like the panorama too, and nearly posted it as the main one, but it was my boy's day!!

    Paul and jd - we nearly melted. Went to the toilets every half hour to hour and wet towels, shirts, sarongs etc and draped them over us. Aaaah, the cheap seats! Next time: get in early and pay more to sit in the shaded Brewongle stand.

    nathalie! A numb bum was another legacy, for sure!

  8. Hey Sally,

    that's a pretty good pano, you can hardly see the joins, well done!

    Curly's Photoshop