Wednesday, 17 January 2007


Budgies are native to Australia. Many people keep them as caged birds. This collection lives in an enclosure at my sister's flats.
Smuggling Australian native birds is a very lucrative illegal activity worldwide.

But the term "budgie smuggler" has another meaning too....

Read all about it here
and here's the meaning without words!


  1. tres belle photo. ces oiseaux sont beaux. dommage qu'ils soient chassés illegalement ;o(

    very beautiful photograph. these birds are beautiful. it's a pity that they are illegally driven out; O (

  2. tweet tweet tweet...

    I had a pair when i was a boy. But i let them go.

    anyway, one week more and I'm in Sydney!

    AND I'm climbing the pylons cos no one wants to climb the bridge with me.

  3. Oh, edwin - How can I contact you? I will be out of Sydney next week, but back after that. How long are you staying?

    And, ....TOO funny!!

  4. smuggling birds ....hmm, interesting! and that pastel blue one is certainly special :)

  5. Budgie smugglers - HA! That is too funny! Love the article you included in your post.

    I trained competitively from 18-21 so I wore a lot of speedos then. Unfortunately, I was not good enough to compete in any swim meet. Of course, that was like 45 lbs ago.

  6. Nice shot. I took a shot of a parrot some tima gao. Check it out

  7. Oh my god! what is all this stuff? That's a lot to say, Mr anonymus... Anyway, that's a lot of birds in your sister's flat... when I was little my parents use to have one little bird called "periquito", and they let him to go out and fly over the kitchen... Does your sister let them out anytime?

  8. The link to the budgie smuggler side comment was a great fun read!!!


    I'm so SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD...that little blue one on the bottom perch by himself looks just like our sweet little his little soul...


    Sweet shot Sally...but it just makes me miss that little guy all over again! wah~