Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Lane etiquette

One of the delights of summer is being able to do my daily swim in the local outdoor pool. It's important to follow proper lane etiquette to avoid any collisions. Like driving in Australia, you must keep left - up the left side of the black line, and down the other side. It's also nice being able to stretch out in a proper 50 m pool, instead of the indoor 25 m one. Not so many turns... Psychologically it seems easier to complete "half" the number of laps!
In the mornings, 4 lanes are reserved for lap swimmers, and 4 for leisure swimmers - plenty of room for everyone.
PS Iam away from home for a few days on a very slow connection, so apologies for not visiting other sites very often.


  1. I used to be a swimmer and I totally agree about swimming etiquette.

  2. i keep away from 50m pool, cant reach that stretch anyway :)