Monday, 27 November 2006

Weekend card game

It's hard rubbish collection time. On Saturday my son and his mates dragged in an old lounge, a couple of chairs and some other bits and pieces from out on the street into our backyard. They amused themselves turning it first into a cubby house, and then into a Yu-gi-oh tournament setting.

Meanwhile, out on the street, there's some kitchen equipment to add to the kitchen sink you may recently have picked up on the street in Paris!


  1. Hi Sally -- just a note to say I'll be linking to your site from Hyde DP in my post on November 28th.

  2. We have the same kind of large trash pickup here though the good stuff generally disappears before the trash trucks arrive. The photo of your kids brings up memories from my own childhood :-)

  3. les grandes brocantes, il y en a tous les weeck end dans la region d'Evry, on y trouve des choses surprenantes

    the great secondhand trades, there are all of them the weeck end in the area of Evry, one finds there things surprising