Monday, 20 November 2006

Aboriginal canoe tree

Between Malua Bay and Moruya on the NSW south coast is this tree which once had the makings of an Aboriginal bark canoe carved from it. It's seen a bit of vandalism since, and is now surrounded by a high wire fence for protection. Pity that some people can't just leave alone, and value our shared cultural heritage.

This is near where I've been hanging out the past few days.


  1. A high wire fence? How silly! Who is going to carve a new canoe from this tree? As far as I know, this was only ever done once to any given tree?
    To me this tree, and others of its kind, are Australia's heritage, a display of how Aborigines obtained what they needed from nature without destroying it. A lesson worth meditating...

  2. nathalie - I think the problem is that vandals since have been attacking the tree. Not for another canoe, but to try to desttoy this relic...

  3. cet arbre est magnifique et je trouve vraiment bete qu'il y est des gens qui detruisent la nature ;o((. Apres tout les chemins sont fermes et l'on ne peut plus se promener tranquillement.

    this tree is splendid and I find really stupid that it is there of people who destroy nature ;o((. After all the ways are firm and one cannot walk any more quietly.

  4. Thank you for showing this. Long time ago in Finland people have used birch and pine bark in many different ways - without harming trees.
    Have a good week!

  5. Amazing tree. I knew they used tree of course but not the way they carved it. Impressive. I see that vandalism is "common heritage". Some are still living in the dark ages. Destruction, profanity, violent acts, disrespect for traditions... Less PSP and more education.