Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Circular Quay and The Rocks

In the background, Circular Quay, from whose docks (with the low, green roofs) ferries leave for points all around Sydney Harbour. The long, modern building in the middle left is the Overseas Passenger Terminal, where huge cruise ships berth (Nathalie posted one recently). The building in the centre was a warehouse of the Australasian Steam Navigation company (previous post). Behind it, the yellowy building was once the headquarters of the Water Board, but is now the acclaimed Museum of Contemporary Art. Finally, the line of warehouses in the foreground right are now (expensive) restaurants, very popular with tourists and their Sydney hosts. This is the oldest part of Sydney, known as "The Rocks".


  1. The Rocks!! Cheap and cheerful pancakes anyone? Not as good as Bills' Ricotta HOtcakes but they'll do.

  2. that building,in the middle.
    nice bird's eye view of the area.

    jing from shanghai

  3. la vue est magnifique, j'aime beaucoup l'eglise. bravo pour ce panorama.

    the sight is splendid, I like much the church. cheer for this panorama.

  4. I would like to hang around this part of the city right now. Well in fact Australia has always been the perfect place to dream of for me. And Sidney seems to be the perfect place to start a journey around the continent. The docks remind me of Port Vell here in Barcelona in a way. Thanks for showing me the land of my dreams everyday Sally.

  5. Carlos - you are welcome! I've got to say I loved hanging around YOUR city for 9 days this year, and hope to do so again!

  6. I very rarely take large panoramic views, I always find myself concentrating on details, but I must say they are wonderful for foreigners to get the big picture. This one is great.