Saturday, 18 November 2006

Christmas windows

David Jones Department Store's animated Christmas windows were certainly a hit this morning with this young shopper! They seem to get earlier every year (and that's a self-portrait of my legs just to her right...)

In which other cities is Christmas frou-frou starting to appear?


  1. Les vitrines de noel commencent a apparaître dans le centre commercial d'evry. Rien de plus beau que les yeux d'un enfant devant une vitrine de noel, on pourrait croire qu'il est hypnotisé

    The windows of Christmas start has to appear in the shopping centre of evry. Nothing more beautiful than the eyes of a child in front of a window of Christmas, one could believe that it is hypnotized

  2. I love the look on the little girl's face. She reminds me of my daughters at Christmas doing the same thing. A long time ago, in Toronto, every year on the day of the Santa Clause parade, the Robert Simpson's department store unveiled their Christmas windows. Each year they featured a different animated theme that took up eight of their store front windows. What was special about them was they did no advertising or promotion in the windows. Just Christmas. The store was sold and the tradition disappeared.

  3. What cities? Everywhere, Sally, Everywhere!!

  4. well I guess is already christmas everywhere...
    only that there is summer...

  5. Well Sally, our Thanksgiving holiday is coming up next Thursday and I was looking for a little table centerpiece or decoration for the table while at the market yesterday. The Christmas displays were already up, and all the Thanksgiving stuff was put away already. . .yikes. So I'll be making the centerpiece for mom's table I guess. She who hesitates is lost this year. Also, at the shopping mall the huge wreaths were up but not decorated; Santa's sleigh (photo area) was up and the custodian was sprinkling fake shimmery snow on the green carpet, then vacuuming stray flakes from outside the fenced area. . .There is a movement afoot here to BUY NOTHING the day after US Thanksgiving (biggest shopping day of the year), so window shopping and enjoying the newly unveiled Christmas displays may be all some do that day. This child is adorable, and. . .great legs, girl!

  6. Hello Sally,
    Now I must say, that in our shop`s windows have not yet any Christmas things!
    Big openings of "Christmas streets" will come after one week with fireworks and so on.Still then windows are full of Christmas things, not yet. More lights every where and also these big Christmas trees on public squares get lights then.
    But our neighbor put this evening electricity candles on their window. I will put them on first Advent and also the Christmas Star
    as well.
    Nice weekend Sally!

  7. They are starting to appear here, but are very badly considered in fact until end of November/1st December. It gets earlier every year though.

  8. In my little town, all the garlands, lights and Christmas decorations are ready but not already pluged in.

  9. the other day I went to the mall..and I saw they started to decorate it for the xmas. So I think the big shopping battle will be started:)

  10. Hello Sally! I think this is the first time I've visited your blog...I'm not sure how I missed it.

    What's it like having Christmas in the summer? Does Santa Claus still wear a coat and gloves? And how do the reindeer land on the roofs without any snow? I'm so confused!!! :o

    I look forward to going back and checking out other pictures of Sydney!

  11. :) look at the smile on that face!