Thursday, 9 November 2006

SOLD! A steal at a mere $7.1 million!

Sold for $7.1 million last week was 'Brise de Mer', the last remaining fully detached house on the Manly beachfront. A company with restoration credentials bought it. Until now it has been held by one family since 1917. It sits on 910 sq metres, and there is approval for a five-unit, six-storey apartment block in its backyard. Let's hope what rises behind is a little more attractive than what flanks it. More here. The outcome seems better than what was threatened a year ago.


  1. Funny, we're both into real estate today - and, would you believe, along the same line of thought! This is a wonderful world...

  2. cela tombe bien, je ne comptais pas encore demenager. c'est de la folie. A Sydney les loyers sont chers ?

    that falls well, I did not hope yet to move. it is madness. In are Sydney the rents expensive?

  3. What??? 7.1 million? That's 21 Million in my currency!

  4. THATS teriffic ! is 7.1 million a mere price i dont think so because its a huge sum in Indian currency !

  5. To me $ 7.1 million is amazingly high. Sydney prices are bizarre (although stangnant at the moment).

    nathalie - and yesterday I was into fruit, which appeared around the DP blogs in various places!