Thursday, 30 November 2006

Industrial Relations Laws: "just not cricket" *

Police horses at Belmore Park in Sydney this morning, as workers assemble for a rally against the Howard government's workplace laws that take us back to the worst days of 19th century style exploitation. (Of course everyone was well-behaved and there was no need for the police and horses, but aren't they magnificent animals!)

The rally attracted 40 000 in Sydney, and 50 000 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) in Melbourne, from where there was a satellite broadcast to 500 venues across Australia.

For more info about the issue, see the
ACTU Your Rights At Work website.

For more pictures of the rally and march, click here to go to my
Daily Photo Extras Blog.

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News reports:
Sydney Morning Herald, The Melbourne Age - "Just not cricket"
* "Just not cricket" - a phrase meaning not in the spirit of fair play, derived from the idea that cricket is a "gentleman's game".


  1. Is he asleep? lol looks great, yes they are magnificent, strong beings. And the horses aren't bad either ;)

  2. When I saw you hadn't posted this morning I figured you were waiting to show pictures of the demonstration. Good on you for being on that front, these laws are an unacceptable step backwards.
    The horses are beautiful.

  3. sounds like it's a really controversial issue in Australia...but you got those horses very nicely in this photo!

  4. Thanks for the interesting post.

    Have you noticed there are a lot of animal posts today on DP?

  5. OMG Sally! HI! And are those gorgeous animals wearing boots??? The horses too??? LOL! Maybe that's where they wear their guns! GEEZ, what is it with police and me! Guess I just need someone to order me around...been telling these four boys what to do for entirely TOOOOO long! LOL! ;-) Great shot! I really want to visit Sydney!

  6. I attended the meeting in Penrith which is an hours drive to the West Of Sydney and could be considered a working class suburb.
    We had no horses but we did have a barbeque which was fun.