Sunday, 25 September 2011

SDP on tour ... a sunny wall

High above Menton, this sunny wall is the perfect spot for plant pots, with a view to the blue Mediterranean.

I love the Marseilles tiles of the roof; these terracotta tiles were imported to Australia and for decades formed the basic roofing tile (albeit differently shaped) of much of the country. People used to remark that when they flew into Sydney there was a carpet of red tiled rooves below. Nowadays red roof tiles seem to be out of fashion, and there's far more grey, especially in the newer, outer suburbs. People also re-roof older houses and seem to prefer the grey. Still, there's plenty to see in the older Sydney suburbs.


  1. Gosh, my house and wall and view! Lovely shots - Sally. Makes me realise I need to go out and water those pots...

  2. Wow, nice! Quite good to run away for a bit and enjoy more green colours than anything else. Well, there is the red-orange from the rooftops..

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  3. I think I've seen this roof and wall before :-)