Monday, 19 September 2011

SDP on tour ... The beach at Menton

If you know me, you know I love to swim, and love the beach (avoiding sunburn, or course!). Menton has a lovely stretch of beach, the Mediterranean water is warm in summer, and perfect for swimming (not surf swimming, but actual swimming!)

The only regret I had as I stroked out from shore was that I had left my waterproof camera at home (pack light!) but the shot below gives a sense of what it was like looking back to the beach.

Keep an eye on that rather interesting building with the geometric white columns - more tomorrow!


  1. I love your third photo. The blue of the Mediterranean is indeed special.

  2. Sorry, Sally, but getting a bit bored with all the French stuff now...when are you going to put pics of the actual place you have at the head of your blog? SYDNEY...please no more France! I wanna see beautiful Sydney :) Sue, UK