Saturday, 10 September 2011

SDP o tour . . . off to Menton

For the next little while we're going to be exploring Menton.

My very good friend, Jilly, from Menton Daily Photo has the most magnificent blog showcasing this magical part of France. Pay her site a visit.

I spent 6 days there in July, and jam-packed in a whole lot of photo opportunities.

What I love about Menton are many things.

I love the dramatic setting at the foot of the Alpes Maritimes; I love its location on the border of Italy, and history, which means it has been a football back and forth over centuries, ruled variously by the genoese, Grimaldis, the Revolutionary French, the King of Sardinia (House of Savoy), been a "free city", annexed to France under Napoleon III, invaded by Italy in WW2, returned to Vichy France, occupied by Nazi Germany, and liberated by American and Canadian forces. (Phew!) ; I love that the old town runs right down to the lovely beach.

Menton is one of the prettiest, most beautifully situated cities I know. I look forward to bringing some of the aspects which captured my eye to you.

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  1. You have explained the history of Menton so well, Sally. So glad you loved it here. Look forward to more super pics.