Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Yachts at Middle Harbour Yacht Club, The Spit


  1. I feel out of place just looking at yachts. I don't smoke anymore and never did like cigars like the people who own yachts smoke. I suppose the women yacht owners also smoke cigars.

    I am a row boat kind of guy if anything. This is a nice photograph and reminds me of yachts showing off their masts to prove whose is the tallest.

  2. There is nothing more peaceful on the Australian coast than yachts sailing and the second most serene scene is one of yachts moored. Blue and white are great summer colours.

  3. True, Hels - but this is a winter scene!!!

  4. Sally
    *sigh* it was grey, drizzly and windy in Melbourne early this morning. Your scene looks like summer from here.