Monday, 13 June 2011

The Southern Aurora

The Southern Aurora's stainless steel carriages epitomised luxury overnight rail travel between Sydney and Melbourne from the early 1960s. The later Indian Pacific carriages between Sydney and Perth were almost identical; I remember spending 3 days to Perth, and 3 days back, playing cards and listening to the radio in a Club Car very similar to this in 1972.

I especially love the etched glass lyrebird.

Meals were freshly cooked in the galley kitchen, and served in three sittings in the dining car.

The carriages were based on American long-distance luxury trains. The first run was on 16 April, 1962, on the newly opened standard gauge rail line. Before that, passengers had to change trains at Albury, from the NSW 4ft 8.5inch gauge line to the Victorian 5ft 3 inch. Competition from road and especially airline traffic saw the end of the Southern Aurora on 3 August 1986.


  1. Sydney's smirking Sam sat silently sensing stainless steel surroundings!

  2. Woah, the Aurora looks pretty fancy. And the teal colour is awesome! :P
    Thank you for sharing!

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