Saturday, 11 June 2011

On the sidelines.....

Sometimes, when it's cold, and windy, and you're sitting on the sidelines, the humble sausage roll is called for. What it lacks in nutritional goodness, it makes up for in - comfort?  That's my boy, Number 2, by the way.
These are amongst the first batch of pics taken with my brand new Canon G12 camera.


  1. Sydney's sport supportive Sally savored some sausage snack sideline seated!

  2. Congrats for the new camera! :)

  3. Comfort? yes :) On a cold, wet day, especially if your son's team is losing, a sausage roll or Chiko roll really hits the spot!

    The advertisers say these foods are loved because they can easily be eaten on the move, without cutlery. But I reckon they are loved because they remind us of our own childhood.