Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sydney Great Train Expo

Steam engines, diesels, old carriages, all on display at Central Station this weekend.

Locomotive 3265 was bulit in 1901 by Beyer, Peacock in Manchester, England. It was painted maroon in 1933 and was used regularly as the "Newcastle Businessmen's Express" during the 1930s.  In 1968, after having travelled 3 million kilometres, it was retired, and relocated to what is now the Powerhouse Museum.

Restoration by volunteers began in 1998, as far as possible in line with its original specifications. It re-entered service on Sep 20, 2009, and hauls occasional steam tours run by rail heritage groups. Its "home" these days is  'Trainworks'  at Thirlmere.

For more about this loco in particular, and its class in general, click here.

(Canon G12, using 'Nostalgia' feature, giving the photo an 'aged' look. Yes, I'm having fun with my new camera!)


  1. I wanted to go ... I really did ... but not enough to get all wet and yucky ... but it is on again for a bit tomorrow ... but worse rain is forecast ... woe is me.

  2. It's beautiful. Maybe the wetness adds to it.
    Imagine getting a locomotive from Manchester to Sydney.

  3. My husband grew up in Sydney and didn't move to Melbourne until we got married. So every three months we would travel back to Sydney to see his parents.

    It seems like yesterday that we constantly travelled on the Southern Aurora... and loved it. What has happened to all those years since 1986?