Friday, 6 June 2008


Today we plan to visit Pisa, half an hour from our base in Lucca.
In 2005, while visiting with a friend on a 3 day visit from England, I was robbed, victim of a "crush scam" at the ticket office, in which my bag was cut from me. I lost all my money, cards and all forms of ID including my passport. Let that be Travel Lesson #1 - no matter how experienced you are, don't get blasé about such things. Don't put all your worldly goods in one basket!

As a reult of my stupidity and the robbers' sophistication I had a very quick trip to Rome for an emergency passport replacement at the Australian consulate. They were magnificent - and had me on my way with a temporary passport in about 4 hours.

But, instead of spending a beautiful sunny day in Lucca, riding bikes around the city walls, we found ourselves spending most of the day on trains to and from Rome. But I made sure we stopped by the Trevi Fountain for coin-tossing! Next morning, Lucca was blanketed in mist, and it poured with rain. I do hope to get a trip around those walls on a bike this time! And I'll be hangning onto my things in Pisa with extra vigilance.

I'm off travelling (currently in Lucca), and as I won't be taking any new shots of Sydney for a few weeks, and I've not taken a computer, I'm not sure I'll be able to post photos. So, I'm publishing some of my art works in the form of Artist Trading Cards. These small canvases are made on card of 69 x 89 mm dimensions (3.5 x 5.5 inches). They are made to trade with other artists, as the name implies. It is extremely bad form to sell them. Any medium can be used, but my preferred method of creation is by using rubber stamps and inks.

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